Frequently asked questions: After arriving in Russia

Foreign citizens are issued a migration card when staying in the Russian Federation. This card is automatically filled out after your foreign passport is scanned at most RF border points. A migration card is the basis for registering a foreign citizen’s place of residence.
You can see a sample migration card by clicking on the link
Migration registration is the registration of foreign citizens staying in Russia for 7 days or longer. If this applies to your trip, we recommend that you register within 3-4 days from the date of your arrival in Russia. You can register on our site
Your registration will be ready in 2 working days after you complete and send in the form on our website. 
You can see a sample migration registration by clicking on the link
No. the effective period of a business visa cannot be extended while in Russia. You must return to your country of residence, obtain a new business invitation and submit the documents for a new visa. Remember, that a foreign citizen has the right for 90 days out of each 180 of a permanent stay in Russia