Migration card

A migration card is a document containing information on foreign citizens or stateless persons entering the Russian Federation and the length of their temporary stay in the Russian Federation, confirming the right of the foreign citizen or stateless person staying in the Russian Federation to temporarily reside in the Russian Federation without obtaining a visa. It is used to control temporary residence of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.

Your migration card must be presented when registering at a place you are staying.

Migration card forms are issued without cost to employees of transportation companies. They may also be filled out upon arrival at an airport or other border point before passing through border control.

The form is filled out and signed personally by the owner of the documents indicating the right to enter the RF. There must be no corrections or erasures on the completed migration card. Migration cards are filled out for each person, including children.

If the applicant does not speak Russian, the card may be filled out in the Latin alphabet, as per the external passport data.

Employees of the border service will stamp the special area marked “for official use only” on each part of the form when entering and exiting the country. Section A with the stamp is collected upon entry, and section B with the same stamp is kept by the foreign citizen. The stub must be kept at all times while in the country, and surrendered upon leaving Russia.