Migratory registration

In accordance with migration law, a foreign citizen is required to register with migration if he or she is staying in Russia more than 7 working days. Migration notification (migration registration) of foreign citizens is a notification that is completed by the hosting party and submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

After submission, the foreign citizen shall be provided with the “stub”- the detachable portion of the document with the seal and signature of the accepting office. With this document (normally, a copy will suffice if he or she is not leaving Moscow or St. Petersburg) a foreign citizen has an official document confirming that he or she is registered with Migration.

You can submit your migration registration at our site

Migration registration through our company takes 2 working days from completion and submission of the form on our site.

The following documents are required in order to complete migration registration:

  • a copy of your passport;
  • a copy of your visa (if you arrived in the country on a visa);
  • a copy of your migration card.

It’s important to remember that your migration registration is automatically terminated when you leave Russia. You must apply every time that you enter Russia and stay in the country for over 7 days.

If a foreign citizen plans to visit several cities, migration registration must be completed in every city in which he or she spends more than 7 days. The state regional authorities will cancel the old migration registration and issue a new one in return when each new migration registration is submitted.

Both the foreign citizen and the receiving party bear responsibility for the submission of migration registration. Failure to register or late submission of the form is a violation of administrative law entailing fines. Violations may be charged either by the police (if you do not have an original or copy of your migration registration with you) or the border service when leaving the country.