Migratory registration. For Moscow visitors only

All foreigners who enter Russia must register within 7 days from their date of entry in compliance with the law. See more about Russian registration rules.

During your stay in Russia, we recommend that you carry a copy of a document as proof of registration. Upon arrival in Russia, check with the hotel / apartment owner (where you stay) whether it is common practice to issue a registration. As a rule, it is a complicated bureaucratic procedure, requiring the provision of an ownership certificate and the consent of all people living in the apartment.

Fill out the form at the link below to request registration on our website for 8 days. When filling out the form, you also need to attach and send a copy of your passport, migration card and visa (if you entered the country with that visa).

We ask that you fill in the form and send the documents as soon as possible, but no later than 5 days after entering Russia, since the registration procedure at the Migration Service takes 1-2 business days.

Late registration / non-registration are finable offenses in Russia, by a police officer, or when leaving Russia at border control.

Please note that your registration will be canceled automatically each time you leave Russia. A new registration has to be issued every time you come back to Russia and stay there for more than 7 consecutive days.


Price: 150 USD